Friday, December 5, 2008

Addicted to The Office and having withdrawls!

I can't believe how much I totally love The Office! I only discovered it this month and have now see Seasons 1-4! But Season 5 is on right now and I missed the first few episodes and I don't want to start watching in the middle of the season! Grraaaaah! The only other T.V. shows I have done this with is FRIENDS and Will and Grace! I am SOOOOOO addicted to the office!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nathan is home!

Well, my brother, Nathan, got home from his mission to Singapore yesterday! It was so great to see him! He looked so much older! And he seems so mature now! It's weird! And talk about tall! He was tall before he left, but holy cow! I have to look up at him! I was even wearing really high shoes yesterday and still had to look way up! We went out to eat as a family last night to The Olive Garden. It was alot of fun with everyone! And Nathan told us some things he experienced on his mission! When we got home my family had put up banners and balloons. There were balloons all over the front room! We all had a HUGE balloon fight! It was so fun and funny! I'll have to post pics! When I figure it out that is! Anyway, I am thankful he is home safe!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 what? I have no clue how to add friends or groups or whatever! So any help would be appreciated!!!


My cat, Lizzy, has got to be the wierdest cat alive. What cat likes to takes baths? And with their human no less! I'm that human! If I don't let her in the bathroom when I go in to take a bath she puts her paws under the door and waves them as if saying, "Hello? Forget something?" So I let her in and I get into the bath tub. She jumps up onto the edge, does her little purr/meow thing, nudges her head against my face, and jumps in on my leg. Now, she doesn't REALLY like getting wet. But she lets her tail hang in the water and her feet. When she doesn't like that anymore she'll jump out, lick herself off, and then jump back in on my shoulders! She'll lay there and go to sleep while I relax and read my book. Imagine it...can you? Walking in and seeing me reading in the bathtub with a cat half on my shoulder and chest, sleeping? Ya...pretty out of this world.

She did get too comfortable, however. She was running around and playing in the bathroom while I was bathing and ran to jump on the side of the tub, missed, and fell all the way in the water! Now that was funny! She was in and then out in a nano-second! Ha! Ha!

I'm doing the blog thing

I am starting this blog thingy-ma-jig. Still in the works so I'll come back and post a real post in awhile!